This, is my office. I live here, and I rule here.


The Head Office is where Jökä-Face abide, and lives. It's located inside the Wiki Mental Hospital, and Jökä-Face took control over it, after kicking out Princess Cookie, stating that she was a "f***ing psycho". He eventually started decorate the place, but the real office was actually located in the very center of the Mental Hospital. (And when I say center, I MEAN center.) However, he has a great view over the place, and he usually sits on the sofa, and relaxes, plotting the next move.

Jökä's Horrible Description

Jökä's drawing of his office. (Relax, this is a joke drawing. Real pic coming soon.)


There are numerous things in the "office", including:

A coffee machine : Jökä-Face has a coffee machine. His favourite choice is the Cappuccino.

A sofa : Jökä-Face has a purple sofa, in where he usually sits and relaxes, along with his Chao pet, Rocketman.

Tables : Jökä-Face has numerous tables, both big and small

Desk : Jökä-Face usually sits here and plans his moves.

TV : Jökä-Face enjoys keeping himself updated, and watching sit-coms.

Bookshelf : Self-explanatory. Pretty much filled with books and comics.

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