The StarShine Special is a semi-annual beauty pageant held in Goat City that mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges' questions as judged criteria. Winners of beauty contests are often called beauty queens. Critics of beauty contests argue that such contests reinforce the idea that girls and women should be valued primarily for their physical appearance, and that this puts tremendous pressure on women to conform to conventional beauty standards by spending time and money on fashion, cosmetics, hair styling and even cosmetic surgery. Sign-ups are currenly open, with room for 6 contestants.

Round One

In the first round, each contestant will model a dress. The Wikia User who controls the character must upload a photograph of their character in a fancy dress, then add it to the slideshow on that section of the talk page. Once all 6 contestants have added their photos to the page, the judges will.. Judge them. Based on appearance and where the picture came from. When it's all said and done, the judges will eliminate three young women, then move onto the next round.

Round Two

In this round, the three remaining contestants will demonstrate a natural talent, such as dancing, singing, balancing plates, etc. They will then be judged on how well they performed under pressure and how amazing the talent was. Then, the judges will eliminate one more contestant.

Round Three

In this round, the two remaining contestants must give a short speech about who they are and why they entered the competiton. The judges will then critique them on grammar, length, and subject.

It is then that the judges will decide, by a unamimous decision, who the next Miss Goat City is.