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Thilum"s base form.

Race Majin
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death None
Height 6" 5'
Weight 237 lbs.
Residence Goat City Slums
Occupation Mercenary
Allegiance Depends on the price
Likes Money, Combat, Freedom
Dislikes The Slums, Other Majins
Family No known family

Thilum is a Majin mercenary from an alternate reality where Majins rule the universe, he has come to Goat City to escape the harsh Majin government that hunts him. He is friends with Bear and is his student.


A lone Majin sprints through what remains of Hercule City, shouts of Majin soldiers behind him, ki blasts and lasers both burn him all over his body, he is Thilum. Thilum had recently stolen various tech from the royal Majin house Buu, the highest and first house. Afterwords, when Majin Buu XVI found out, he sent soldiers to kill Thilum.

Thilum runs into his "house", a pile of trash and a mysterious device. He quickly shoves the stolen tech into the device, and then slams a random button. He disappears in a flash of light and appears in Goat City. He now wanders and trains in the slums and is responsible for the defeat of numerous gangs. Somewhere along the way he achieved Pure Majin form.

He now waits for a new job, and new challenges...


Ki Flight

Ki Blast

Ki Sense

Chocolate Beam


Thilum Pure Majin