Total Drama Goat Island
Goat's island
I wanna be famous
Type Island; Game Show
Ruler Dark Zeon until the season is over
Location In the freaking ocean, where do you think!?

Goat Island is a large island, inhabited only by goats. This is the location of the infamous Goats that gave Goat City it's name.


Goat Island has always been too far away from the Mainland to reach with the average boat, as it would run out of gas only halfway there. However, now that the islands around it have been populated, people from those islands take day trips there. On top of that, its accessibility increased with the number of Dragon Ball-style roleplayers, the majority of which can fly.

Total Drama Goat Island

Total Drama Island (sometimes shortened to TDI) is a Canadian animated television series which lampoons the conventions commonly found in reality shows.

The two teams are given challenges every three days which they had to compete in. The losing team will vote one of their members off and the contestant that is voted off will have to walk the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, which would then take them away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve. After the merge the same elimination process would continue to happen, except then after every challenge only one to two people had invincibility and after every challenge the whole group had to vote somebody out instead of just one team. This process continued until only two people were left to compete in a final challenge where the the last contestant won the energy to wield the Spirit Bomb. The competition is hosted by Dark Zeon.

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