Alice's chara

Race Soul reaper (currently Human)
Gender Female
Date of birth 11/8
Height 5"4
Weight 8st
Residence Hunson Complex
Occupation Soul reaper
Allegiance Neutral good
Likes Ducks, Dogs, Video games
Dislikes Tight clothes, being a gigas, people,

Toya is a soul reaper currently living in Goatcity as a gigas and she lives in Hunson Complex


Toya has long brown hair tied up in a pony tail with a sweep fringe. She has dark brown eyes, and is at average hei
Alice's chara
ght.  she wears a red shirt and blue jeans in her gigas form and a traditional soul reaper outfit when she is a soul reaper.


Toya is very stubborn and will never give up on situations. She is short tempered and is often angered by everything, she will concentrate on things and will remember what she is doing.She is very lonely and seems to have the habit of talking to herself and naming items.


Toya was born as a Soul reaper, and was above in skill to other soul reapers, often being able to beat hollows a tiny bit easily.  The first time she failed to purify a hollow was in goat city and it managed to get away, causing her to start being very stubborn. She mainly focused and was assigned to target Hollows in Goat City for some strange reason. Her current mission is to guide Megumi to the soul society but she can't find her, and her 3000th birthday has passed and she has been alone


Ki blast


Ki sense





Toya can use a temporary human form resembling a young woman that she can interact with other humans using.

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