Homeworld Earth
Diet Red things or blood
Average Height Usually taller than the average human
Ruler Marceline
Vampires are blood sucking living deads that roam Goat City. They are known to attack Humans and other animals, but most are kind. Their self-proclaimed queen is Marceline. They are all undead and known for having a craving for the color red.

Starting Technique

When you create a Vampire character, your starting techniques will be Flight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense and The Devilmite Beam.


The vampires of Goat City are all very similar to their real life counterparts in terms of their abilities to turn into bats, their blood diet and their weaknesses to garlic and religious related things. Unlike how vampires are usually shown in media, the ones in Goat City appear to have little to no weakness to sunlight.

Racial Abilties

They have been shown to possess the powers of levitation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, invisibility, and necromancy, as well as the ability to shapeshift into numerous monstrous forms, including a bat, a wolf, a reptilian creature, or a tentacled monster. Also, unlike traditional vampires, they are capable of sustaining themselves on "shades of red," such as the color in strawberries, and are not limited to surviving on blood. So far, they have been shown to be vulnerable to sunlight, garlic (possibly), and stakes, which are classic vampire weaknesses.



Bat Form

Bat Form is an advanced transformation assumed by almost all members of the vampire race. Unlike fruit-eating bats, the vampire in bat form has a short, conical muzzle. It also lacks a nose leaf, instead having naked pads with U-shaped grooves at the tip. The common vampire bat also has specialized thermoreceptors on its nose, which aid the animal in locating areas where the blood flows close to the skin of its prey.
Bat icon
While other bats have almost lost the ability to maneuver on land, vampire bats can also run by using a unique, bounding gait, in which the forelimbs instead of the hindlimbs are recruited for force production, as the wings are much more powerful than the legs.

Werewolf Marceline fullbody

Monster Form

Monster Form is an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful vampires. The transformation comes in response to a need, not a desire. In all known cases, the form has been initially triggered by either desperation or indignation. The look of this from varies greatly, but it is almost always dark and shadow-like.