Water Princess, their leader, using her powers

Water Elementals
Water nymphs

-{Water People}-

Average Height About the same as a human
Ruler Water Princess
Enemies Fire Elementals
Universe of Origin Adventure Time, DragonBall
Water Elementals are Nymphs, water spirits from traditional folklore.

Starting Technique

When you create a Water Elemental character, your starting techniques will be Flight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense and your choice of Flooding or Eye Flash.


Pfp the water prince by pippanaffie-d490so2
They are known for their lack of being able to tell a good joke without messing it up, and are one of many races you can choose to be when creating your character on Goat City. They are enemies with Fire Elementals.


Arqua, a warrior Water Elemental


Hyoomen copy

Celina the Hyoomen

It is perfectly possible for a Water Elemental to breed with a Human, but this creates a strange hybrid sub-species usually called "Hyooomens".

They are a primitive race of mutant humanoids who wear uniquely animal-themed hats. They are rather paranoid and speak in strange verses. Nearly all Hyoomens have what appear to be gills and fins on their heads, revealing that the Hyoomens are not human, but in fact mutants. Hyoomens range from very short to tall and appear anatomically identical to humans, other than their fish-like heads, which feature scales, fins, and sometimes gills.

Hyoomans are technically a different race, but do not require their own page.

Racial Abilties

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Human Form

All Water Elementals raised around humans have the ability to morph their outer appearance to make themselves resemble a Human.