Water Princess
Water princess that i made up adventure time by hope30789-d4v9q0b

-AJ Marina-
Race 1/3Water Elemental 1/3 Saiyan 1/3 Candy Person (During War Games Arc.)
Gender Female
Date of birth March 21 1992
Date of death August 26 2012, but is revived...
Height 5'7"
Weight 96lb
Residence StarSand Cove (kingdom)
Current Location In Australia
Occupation Princess, Mother
Allegiance Good
Likes Pizza, water (of course), surfing, challenges, building.
Dislikes Secrets, jerks, fire.
Family Jenny (daughter)

John (son)

Chloe (daughter)

Steve (bastard ex-boyfriend)

Richie (ally)

Zeon (ally)

Ulqi (ally)

Marceline (ally)

Stefanie (ally)

Jack C. (Boyfriend)

Controlled By User: Princess AJ Marina


Water Princess (a.k.a AJ) is Princess AJ Marina's roleplay character. Water Princess is a 15 year old girl who likes to play games, heh yeah. Her interests are climbing stuff, surfing, building, and WINNING THINGS. Everyday is unique for this girl of Goat City.


Water Princess usually wears a blue dress, and Water Princesses' favorite dress is a bright pink dress with a ribbon around the waist. She looks 18, but she really is 15... she just turned 16. Anyways she always has her black boots on, sometimes she wears shorts and her purple buttoned shirt when she is in human form. She has blue hair when in her regular form and her hair is brown in human form, her eyes are black and she always has a smile on her face. She sometimes blushes if she is referred to as important or something nice. She just turned 16, so now she has long hair, a purple crop top, black shorts, and she still has the same blue necklace. She sometimes wears boots, and other times she wears kickpads. She has an injured left arm and an injured left ankle, she usually wraps it with cloth before going out.


Water Princess is a pretty girl that is smart and really creative. She is treated like a princess and has lots of work. She sometimes tries to help people with problems for an excuse to not work. She does not like bullies and is happy at a lot of occasions, people treat her like a true friend and Water Princess likes that, Even though she is a princess. She likes adventures and is a bundle of joy, she never believes she can't do something and she is always confident. She doesn't want her friends or anything close to her to be hurt, if they do get hurt she will turn angry and attack out of nowhere. Luck is sometimes on her side, and other times not so much, she loves gymnastics and usually involves it in some of her battles. In her free time she does gymnastics in the gymnastics room in her kingdom.



  • 5356151510977

    Wave Dagger

    Wave Dagger - A wavy little dagger that Water Princess uses a lot in battle. 


To be continued...


Human Form

Water Princess uses her human form most of the time to conserve energy and to look similar to her friends.

Original form

Water Princess uses her original form rarely... mostly in fights or in very very suspensful moments, she usually steps into her original form when she is excited.


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