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136 Sprinkle Drive

This is Water Princess's 2nd house and people come visit on a normal basis, it may look like nothing much on the outside... but it is BIG inside...

Water Princess's House
230px-Marceline's House
Type Small House
Location 136 Sprinkle Drive
Notable Inhabitants Water Princess, John, Jenny, Chloe, James


The outside of the house was descovered by Richie Cordelia. But Water Princess was the one who decorated, built, and made the house and cave livable, her friends also helped make the house... But she built the bridge as seen in this photo... Water Princess spends most of her time in her house and she mostly spends some time on the garden. The meeting room is in a secret room in the bottom floor that no one can get in to unless they have the correct code. The idea was created by Jenny... one of Water Princesses daughters.


The house has a swimming pool and also a garden. It also contains a long bridge to go to the house on. It has a limo and a lifetime supply of pizza, cherries, and marshmallows. Water Princess lives with her family and they both enjoy the house. She usually has meetings and important stuff in the board room. The house also has an indoor swimming pool and a personal arcade in it. It also has an indoor movie theater/a game room... The house also has a garden and another swimming pool outside and a great view of the park... Jenny and Chloe's room are across the hall from each other. James room is at the end of the hall, next to Water Princess and Lau the G's room. The house overall the house is "fit for a Princess."

This is one of the streets in Goat City and it is next to 123 Graffiti Street, 504 Marley Street, and is connected to the city park.


Shakira is the royal pet in Water Princess's family... Shakira usually stays close to James and plays with him the
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most out of the other kids. She is kind and only attacks when she sees someone attacking one of the kids. Her favorite food is pie and James sometimes sneaks in pie for Shakira to eat when no ones looking... Shakira can fly for almost 20 miles and won't be tired.
  • Guest room
  • James's room
  • Kitchen
  • Jenny's room
  • Chloe's room
  • Pics of the Living room
  • Game room/movie room
  • Other game room
  • The meeting room
  • The garden
  • The outdoor pool
  • Water Princess's room