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is an island floating in the sky. It appears to be floating on top of a large bubble, and it is notable for the study of weather conditions as well as tools that can create various conditions, such as the Wind Knot.

The citizens of this country mainly seem to Skypieans. The country seems to lack any law enforcement personnel, with the citizens themselves having to take actions in the event of a crime. However, they all seem to be quite weak and naïve, and are unsure of how to handle crime and violence, though they do have a prison for criminals.

The island is constantly drifting with the wind. Two days after Goat City was founded, it went directly over Sabaody Island. It was last seen over Saboady.

Wind Knot

The Wind Knot (風の結び目 Kaze no Musubime?) is a rope with wind-creating properties that is tied three times. Untying one knot results in a light breeze. Untying a second knot brings a strong wind. Untying the last knot summons a squall.

Weather Ball

Main article: Weather Ball

The Weather Ball was the most important invention on Weatheria. It is said to grow on a garden on Weatheria.