Wiki Mental Hospital
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Inside one of the cells
Type Hospital
Ruler Jökä-Face
Location Goat City

The Wiki Mental Hospital is for the treatment of Wiki Mental disorders of all kinds. You may check yourself in or check one of your loved ones in on the article's talk page if their behavior concerns you/you're freaking nuts.


Sad patient is sad

A list of mental disorders seen in Goat City will be added below.


List of Discovered Mental and Personality Orders

Sanity Slippage

Room Full Of Crazy

Madness Makeover

Madness Mantra

Split Personality



Sometimes after being released, patients will be prescribed a pill to help them relax and/or control themselves. If so, they will have to put a section on their home titled "medicine cabinant," which should contain the Template:Infobox, with a picture of their medicine.

These are some random pictures and stuff.

Dream Calcium Sprite


Dream PP Max Sprite

Your standard "happy pill"

Dream PP Up Sprite

Muscle relaxant, also available in a liquid form so you can stab someone in the ass with a needle of it