The Orphan Gang

Orphan gang 2

The Goat City orphanage is where you may adopt children who do not have homes. Or, if you're just starting out, you may assume the indentity of one of the children and use them as your user character, in which case you may change the character's name, personality, and appearance however you wish.



Mooki dbz

Mooki is a young human lad at the age of 12 who enjoys wrestling and kick-boxing. He dreams of competing in Martial Arts Tournaments, but has terrible stage fright, as seen in his picture.

He also has a fear of birds for whatever reason.

Tsururin Tsun

Tsururin 466
Tsururuin Tsun
is a young girl who has various powers, including telekinesis and teleportation.

When suprised or scared, she may hiccup, causing her to accidentally teleport herself somewhere.

In moments of anger, her eyes will glow and she will start blowing everything up with psychic powers.



Peasuke Soramame is a 9 year old human boy who always wears an animal hat. He is always critized by others when he wears the hat around them because it "cramps their style." Peasuke also wishes to be like Tyler when he gets older. He has a crush on Hykoyo and likes to fish.


Gatchan is a fluffy-haired, cherub-like creature with wings.

Gatchan speaks in his own language consisting primarily of sounds like "Koo pee pee poo" that Arale somehow seems to understand. However, occasionaly, he has said a few words in English/Japanese. Being a baby, he also imitates what others do . Gatchan does not physically age.

Gatchan eats almost anything, except for rubber, and particularly likes to eat metal. He can also shoot rays from his antennae.


Damien is the son of Jeff and Marceline. He was born when Jeff ate some of Marceline's hair during one of his insane episodes. He is still an egg, so his skills and personality are unknown. All that is known is that he will be awesome.

Namek egg


Max is a 8 year old boy who enjoys playing video games and training... He is a full blooded Human that loves to fight but is un-able to fly. He will eat ANYTHING you give him.



Mizkui is a girl who lived in a village that was being troubled by a weak lizard demon. After meeting a young fox Demon and seeing how kind he was, Mizuki felt attracted to him as he was her. She gave him a flower necklace as a gift. However because of five annoying novice fox demons, he was forced to prank her. Upset, she began hating him and ran off. After the demon was taken care of, she was among the girls who served the group their meals. However, when the fox demon tried talking to her, she stuck her tongue out and left, leaving him distraught.