Yagi Shrine
Yagi Shrine
-Goat Shrine-
Type Shrine dedicated to Goats.
Location around the outskirts, near to most the cherry blossom trees.
Notable Inhabitants Megumi

The Yagi Shrine (Goat Shrine), is the Shrine dedicated to all the goats in Goat City. It does often have festivals for goats and was originally very wildly popular but nowadays is quiet and peaceful. If you visit you can have a good luck charm sold to you or have your fortune told. You can even just pay respects to the goats.

Goat praise festival

Every year on the 18th March the shrine will hold a festival to praise the goats of Goat City, it involves live drum music, there is a large market and many activities like goldfish scooping. At midnight of the festival the drums will be hit very loudly 5 times for people to pay their respects to the goats with 5 minutes of silence.

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