Son Zion
185px-God xicohr by ansemporo002-d55jj85
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Height 6"6
Weight 176 LBS
Current Location Earth: Goat in training
Occupation Warrior
Allegiance Good
Likes Eating, Training
Dislikes Being Excluded,Death
Controlled By User:OneDragonball

"You shouldn't underestimate someone stronger than you!"
— Zion

— Zion

"One day after my training I'll be as strong as you are!"
— Zion


Zion rocks a White and Black gi, to be specific. He has a normal gi with white bottoms and a white top the in-shirt is black and so is the belt and shoes. Zion has red hair not black as a normal Saiyan should have. Zion has 2 white spikes on both sides of his chin and five spikes on each knuckle on both of his hands. His hair is spikey and stnds up all around his hair with 2 bangs at the edge near the forehead.


Zion's personality is very outgoing, he loves to train and battle and someday would like to be the strongest. He is a very nice person similar to Goku. He cares for nature and all of its wonders, and has a mean craving for food.


Zion was a young Saiyan at the age of 7 at the destruction of his home planet. His father was killed 10 days before the destruction of the planet. Him and his mother escaped the planet in an attack pod, they landed on a planet without a name. here Zion was raised by his mother until he was 16 where he set off to Earth for a new start. On Earth he met Richie the mayor of Goat City and he settled quickly. He has been becoming a better fighter and meeting many great friends!


  • Flight - Zion is able to fly...that is all.
  • Ki Blast - This is the most basic of all ki techniques that can come in any color, Zion's is in purple.
  • Ki Sense- Being able to sense the Power level or Ki of another.
  • Begone - Begone is an attack where the Saiyan Says "I'll Kill You Quickly" Then brings his arm up into the air charging a white ball of ki then throws it at his opponent. Zion however says "Take some!" Before throwing his blast.
  • Kiai - It is a very powerful, white-clear force that emits from the user's body and that inflicts severe damage to the surrounding area. Alternatively, this force can be used to dispel weaker attacks, as shown by Zion at times.
  • Ki Weaponry - Zion is able to create weapons using his ki, his favorie weapon to use is a giant hammer.